Furniture Design

Furniture Design 101

Many people feel decor can be “frivolous”.  But for me, the feel of a room makes a huge difference in my mood.  Anybody can throw some furniture, rugs, and paintings in a room, but there’s a fine line between cluttered and comforting.  A warm and cozy room relaxes me; it melts away my anxiety.  Having just the right amount of “stuff” to make a home feel lived in, with soft lighting, rugs and a few accent pieces that are special to you can welcome and comfort you every day.  My apartment this year is just that…while there’s a lot of stuff, the arrangement of the pieces, twinkling lights, and aromatic candles makes me happy, relaxed and it welcomes me home each day.


I think that decor is very important, it completes your house and what it means to you. I’ve always wanted to be able to move out so that I could style my decor anyway that I wanted to. My parents have always put up decor that didn’t match or made our house look awkward. I love decorating so winning this scholarship would help me put this money towards my off-campus housing because my school does not provide on-campus housing. Rent is very expensive. I want to win this so that I can focus more on school, and I could decorate it any way that I wanted to. The Decor I would pick out is more of a modern tone. I want something that will not make my room look dark, I want something that allows a lot of light in. I want it to be spacey.


Decor is something that people will notice when they first walk into a room, I want something that’s going to catch somebody’s eye and show them what certain decor can do to a room. This is why many rooms in dentist offices are set up in a way that’s going to make the patient feel more comfortable. For example, in a children’s dentist office, you’re going to see toys, TV’s with cartoons on them, and paintings that are more kid-themed, some of these offices even have game systems that the children can play on. For an adult dentist office, you’re going to see more of a modern themed decor. For example, these offices usually have fewer objects in those rooms, and usually, the paintings on the walls in these offices are going to be very plain and classy, and even some of these offices have TV’s and that instead of playing cartoons, plays news channels. This is why Decor is so important, you want your guests to feel more comfortable.